Kris Parins

Morning Mirror

  • Watercolor
  • 29.5 x 21.5 in
  • Kris Parins

Collection: Birds x

I often see egrets where I live, near the water in Florida. Even when stalking their prey, I sense the birds are aware of me; they are stiff and poised to move away or take flight at any moment. So I was pleased to come upon this beautiful bird performing its grooming ritual in an unselfconscious and relaxed way. The crystal clarity of the spring-fed river allowed me to create silvery, mirror-like reflections. The fact that the bird's head is under its wing, obscuring its iconic silhouette, causes the viewer to focus on the water, where the head is reflected. As the bird performs its morning grooming, we are the ones who watch in the mirror!
Permanent Collection, Woodson Art Museum

Morning Mirror
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