• Oil on canvas
  • 76 x 100 cm
  • Kit Hoisington
  • Sold

This piece has evolved over time as I spent more time in the waves and watching the waves.
Breaking waves have light flashing through them if the sun is behind them. Sometimes there will be a distinct horizontal flash. Foam flies, remnants of the last, broken wave leave trails of bubbles swirling in the water, and these can get pulled up the face of the wave.
It's all over in no time at all, but images stay in the eye and can generate a painting like this, not worked from a photo but from observation, then more observation and maybe 50 reference photos to check the light, form and colour.
The shore, where the breaking wave eventually comes shows both the rich colour of the wet sand and the shiny reflection of the colours of the sky.
A lot of the observation is, of course, done walking along the coast as well as in the water in summer.

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