Man of Peace in Outlines

  • Oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 200 x 125 cm
  • Kit Hoisington
  • Sold

The subject of this piece is a man who has been deeply involved with peace. Founder of the Sydney Peace Institute and the Sydney Peace Prize, which is given annually, he is also a university professor (retired) , a peace negotiator and an author.

I was introduced to Stuart by a mutual friend and agreed to develop this portrait when I got to know him. He has an exceptionally active, mobile face that shows - sometimes in rapid sequence in the course of a conversation - his feelings of urgency or dedication or amusement and reactions to the exchange from interest to surprise, possibly disagreement or frustration and easily another 50 or so emotions. The fascinating thing is to see how much he cares about it all and how clearly this is shown in his face.

The large overlapping outlines give a sense of his presence, but required also a second version of the painting, called Man of Peace.

  • Subject Matter: Portrait
  • Collections: Portraits
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