It's All Happening in the Sea

  • Inks and medium on panel
  • 90 x 120 cm
  • Kit Hoisington

In addition to my nearly full-time art studio practice, I collaborate with marine scientists at SIMS, Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

This painting grew out of my appreciation of our connection to marine systems. Our marine environments are far more complex than we recognise when we take a day at the beach or cross Sydney Harbour in a ferry. The waters contain a multitude of living systems that we are damaging with pollution, over-fishing and now climate change that raises water temperatures and changes pH levels.

Our evolutionary ancestors came from the sea, and we carry its saline levels within us. Our life now depends up on the sea. Two-thirds of our oxygen is made by algae in the ocean. The sea is alive with creatures, but if it dies, we die. It really is all happening in the sea.

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