Colour Tangle

  • Inks on canvas
  • 92 x 183 cm
  • Kit Hoisington
  • Sold

Collection: Trees & Tree Portraits x

This painting is based on a row of trees in Clontarf (NSW) on the edge of a public park. There is a little road that heads to the water where people park trailers with boats. On one side of this road there are houses with some plantings but no trees to speak of. On the other side is a row of very large trees, possibly planted too close together, but big and healthy. These trees have reached out, all the way across the road to capture light, and they make a beautiful arch all the way over the road. They reach so far that some of the branches are nearly horizontal.

The best light comes from behind the row of trees on the park side because of the rising hill on the side of the road with the houses, so the effect is of light branches behind, from the park side, and more dramatic dark branches with patches of sunlight arching over the road. The light is dramatic, and to me it spoke of colour, I felt that the trees were actually bringing colour, so the blue and purple splashes on the branches also drip, laden with colour.

Colour Tangle
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