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Two Views

Two Views - Two Meanings

Two Views

The value of imagery to convey multiple meanings is without question one of the most important aspects of art and the role of artists in society. Trying to consciously use that aspect of imagery is challenging but a worthwhile goal for me. "Two Views" uses the visual differences and similarities between us to reflect on the variety of view points we express and the is sameness of our life goals. Now more than ever it seems an important point to remember regardless of what area of human relations is at question. It seems all our behaviors are on the table for review.

It is a small piece painted on panel. It is a size and format I have come to enjoy because of my ability to work through an idea with some speed while not rushing past needed details. I consider each piece for its value as is and it's potential as preparatory work for larger pieces. This one is done Casein paint, a water based medium and one used traditionally used as a underpainting for oils. Casein ultimately dries to a stable surface but has an extended period when it can be rewet and reworked. Once completely cured it can be buffed to a satin sheen.

This image was posted first on Instagram - @katycaukerart

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