Katy Cauker


Winter at Hill House


Notecards have been a project in the works for several years. I’ve printed a few over the years but only now have I worked out a consistent style I’m really happy. we Bought a new printer last year, a small Canon, that’s really great. Canon Pixma ink is rich and said to temain stable with proper care for a 100 years. Plus I’ve found a paper I really like. I’m printing small sets of select images in two different size with a variety of simple greetings.

The original of the small winter scene is currently hanging in a juried show in New York. it’s part of a series of pieces I did one fall depicting the changing view of the northeast corner of our property.

I have layouts for several dozen and am printing small sets of about fifteen of them. I’ve spoken with a couple of area gallery, and am working on a “Buy Now“ page for my website where they can be ordered with free shipping.

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