Katy Cauker

Inside Out - Detail view

Studio Window View - On the Easel

Inside Out - Detail view

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I'm just finishing this piece based on a view through my studio window. It began with a pair of rose colored glasses and an idea to paint while looking through them. It proved really difficult to leave them on long enough to really paint! In the end I took parts of the idea and mixed it with others that appeared as I worked. I keep an array of favorite sculptures in the studio, several live on the window sills. This is the northeast facing window that I look through most often and depend on it's light to paint with most days. The large maple that takes most of the view was just a young start when I bought my home in the mid seventies. It is a favorite tree that has provided many things over the years - shade for children and cars, climbing limbs and the swing that still hangs unused now for many years, and a constant source of interest as it grows and evolves through the seasons and years.

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