Katy Cauker

Fall Progression VI

Working in a series - Choosing an image or composition to work with then ...

Fall Progression   VI

Choosing an image or composition to work with then repeating it from a variety of approaches provides an avenue to explore how a shift in emphasis changes the message conveyed by an image. I've begun to consistently work this way. It is a disciplined approach that provides a cohesive portfolio within the path of painting a variety of styles that I find most stimulating and engaging.

Currently on my Public page I am showing a set of six of the paintings I produced last fall based on the view of the changing leaf pattern and color of a Golden Locust tree on my property. The tree was a wedding gift from a dear friend and reflects the ebb and flow of our friendship over most of my life. The soil it thrives in is poor so it is small for it's age but quite hardy, adding richness to the view and a steady reminder of the importance of friends, and one, particular friend.

The paintings themselves explore the tree changes from late summer through winter in a range of styles that reflect the effects of precipitation, cold, and wind on my surroundings. I often prefer to work with a new image first in a more literal way, gradually simplifying the composition by removing the details that are no longer present as important or have disappeared from the scene or appear changed by the weather conditions.

Included in the scene is the shed from the late 1800's that still stands. It is built of rough cut cedar that has dried and darkened with age but remains strong.

Fall Progression; Winter Fog; The image shown above is near the end of the series as winter winds finish blowing the leaves from the tree exposing the background shed even as it is obscured by fog.

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