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Detail " Considering " Watercolor - Transparency and Opacity - Gouache

Exploring their similarities and differences. To see the full view of Considering look on the Portfolio page; https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/katy-cauker

Detail " Considering "  Watercolor - Transparency and Opacity - Gouache

The figure, "Considering", is painted using Gouache, a watercolor paint with a greater ratio of pigment to binder than traditional watercolor paints, which are admired for their transparency. Artists put great thought into the process as it is the core of the resulting expression.

I spent several years working with both types of watercolor paint interchangeably, without the least bit of understanding of their difference. Through the repetious work of trial and error I understand first hand their individual charm but still happily mix them when the need arise.

The link takes you to my main websit and blog with an image of a piece done in transparent watercolor.


Ultimately the importance of understanding the differences is that it allows you to see ahead to the path to your destination. Sometimes I know the painting i want to make but haven’t yet learned what to use to make it. I may get part way then set it aside unfinished until one day I know the way.

Each medium has a personality that lends itself to a way of expressing, it contributes to what you are saying through its surface quality, tactile appeal, and ability to reach through space and call the viewers attention.

My website, www.katycauker.com is written with an older program. If you have trouble viewing it please message me here and let me know.

Have a great day, Katy

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