Katy Cauker

755- Scene One - TV Musings

  • pen and ink
  • 9 x 12 in
    (22.86 x 30.48 cm)
  • Katy Cauker

Available as notecard or Giclée print 8.5x11 archival ink and acid free paper. See Inventory #756 .
Watching TV is a nightly ritual, something we do together as a family, in the evening when doing is done for the day yet it’s too early to sleep. I have often worked in the studio with music or stories running as I paint so drawing as the TV tells its story fits right in. I can pause to chat or focus on the story or shift all focus to the drawing. Some drawings,like this one, evolve over multiple evenings.
The images arrive through something seen on TV or imagined, stimulated by the words or images.
I use to throw pots- on a wheel! I would often draw them first, now it’s all about the drawing.
The piece is reserved because it’s very fresh and I haven’t finished looking at it.
These images came about as I considered our fence line and how to build screening without building a traditional fence.

  • Subject Matter: Still life
  • Inventory Number: 755-
  • Current Location: Indigo Book 9x12 #1 7/18/18
  • Collections: Black & White Drawings
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