Katie Breckon

Kimberley Skin - Bungarun Leprosarium

  • Inkjet Print on Hahnemuhle Rag Paper
  • 95 x 95 cm
    (37.4 x 37.4 in)
  • Katie Breckon
  • Available

This skin is from a Eucalyptus tree growing at the historic Bungarun Leprosarium, a national heritage site located outside of Derby. Bungarun is haunted with stories of love, friendship, illness and the resilience of individuals and families suffering with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) between 1936 – 1986. The site now abandoned and in an increasing decrepit state, marks a unique period of medical and community history especially for Aboriginal people removed from country for treatment. Bungarun is a peaceful place during daylight hours, haunted by nightfall.

Flesh tones, scars and shedding draw resemblance to human skin. The bark has been collected, flattened and then put back into place like pieces in a puzzle that cannot be perfectly reconfigured again.

  • Subject Matter: Still Life
  • Inventory Number: KB15PH02
  • Reproductions: Available
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