Kathy Ferguson

EU Timetable

  • Acrylic, paper, gold leaf, and ink
  • 24 x 48 x 2 in
  • $2,000.00
  • Kathy Ferguson

Collection: Collage x

Two 24" x 24" diptychs

EU Timetable illustrates the first European vacation I took with a group of strangers. The trip was great but I was unprepared for the rigid schedule that accompanied the group tour. It was such a whirlwind as we jumped from activities to meals to hikes, before packing up and heading to a new town to start all over again.

My painting incorporates the cobblestone streets and the gold-domed churches of Italy that I loved. Over that is layered the clock gears (made from the maps from my trip) and horizontal stripes that represent the hectic timetable of the trip.

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