Kate Wilson

Foundation, love note "here"

  • photography with graphic, dye-sublimated onto aluminum
  • 30 x 45 x 1 in
    (76.2 x 114.3 x 2.54 cm)
  • Kate Wilson

Subject: Poster Tube Cap and Battery Charger

This is a limited editioned photographic work that is dye-sublimated onto aluminum.

Each of my limited editioned photographic works has a hidden love note within, and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a magnifying lens to aid your search.
Created: 2018
Fabricated: 2018
Sublimation is the process of going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state. My art is printed with dye, adhered to pretreated aluminum, and placed in a custom press where it is heated to temperatures exceeding 380˚F. While being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, the dye turns into a gas and is pressed into the metal at the molecular level, where it solidifies beneath the surface. As the dye cools, it is permanently infused within the metal substrate.
This work is guaranteed against any sign of degradation, fading or discoloration, for a minimum of 65 years when displayed indoors and away from direct sunlight. A microfiber cloth and a household cleaner can be used to clean the surface. Please protect your investment according to these recommendations. Should degradation occur when it has been displayed in the above conditions, a replacement will be provided at no cost. I work with Blazing Editions in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating through sublimation. This makes my artwork more durable than traditional paper and canvas because it can’t be scratched, ripped, or peeled.
Sublimated aluminum holds up against high heat, which is necessary for artwork hung in specific corporate and public environments.

  • Subject Matter: poster tube cap and battery charger
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