Julea Boswell

New videos of creative process

Distilling sketches with dancers and interview with choreographer Liz Winkelaar

New videos of creative process

After a two-month break from the Together Apart: Painted Dances project I was back in the studio recently with Propeller dancers. At this stage of the process, I wanted to get their input to distill down the 100+ painted sketches into the best choices for developing them into large-scale paintings. 

I am so thrilled with how this collaboration is evolving! The paintings will eventually be shown as part of an upcoming Propeller performance, in June.

I invite you to watch these 2 short videos (2 mins each) of our recent work together to get a sense of how wonderful it is to be working with them. 

Watch the video: Mini Interview with choreographer Liz Winkelaar.

Watch the video: Creative Process with Dancers

**Note, please turn on subtitles to see the transcript/closed captions.


Note the dates! June 1-2-3 - Together Apart: Painted Dances paintings will be part of a Propeller Dance performance at LabO Theatre in Ottawa. If you will be in Ottawa be sure to note these dates! 

Thank you to the City of Ottawa for supporting the Together Apart: Painted Dances project.

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