Julea Boswell Art

Familiar Rhythms Drift and Flow

  • Textured acrylic on gallery canvas
  • 30 x 40 x 1.5 in
  • C$880.00
  • Julea Boswell Art
  • Available

Collection: Abstract Nature x

Almost everyday for two years, I have gone out for a walk during the long lasting pandemic. I walk along river, lake or ocean shores, depending on where I am — in Ottawa (home for six months over winter) or in my home province of Prince Edward Island (six months over summer). Wherever I am, I am tightly tied to the familiar edges of space defined by water, shore and sky. This painting expresses the familiar rhythms of those places for me. Sand and snow, wind and clouds drift. Tides and rapids flow. My mind follows suit.

The painting extends around the sides of the canvas so framing is optional. A clear acrylic coating has been applied to the surface to preserve the colour and to protect it from UV light, moisture and dust.

Available to purchase through The Dunes Gallery
(902) 672-2586
3622 Brackley Point Road, Route 15, Brackley, PEI

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