judith angerman


  • graphic design on man-made silk
  • 35.5 x 35.5 in
    (90.17 x 90.17 cm)
  • $120.00
  • judith angerman

First JELA hand-painted empty spray cans. Then came the photograph of her painted spray can collection (prints are available).
Finally, JELA wondered why not create a man-made silk glossy scarf from this original design!

The colors pop and the scarf is designed to be worn on the diagonal- one side colorful spray cans: the other side features big bold white text "SPRAY" in a graffiti font on a black background. A stand-out piece.

The SPRAY scarf is custom printed and made of man-made silk for vibrant colors. Full color on one side and neutral on the reverse.

A larger size of 45.25" x 45.25" is available upon request for $210.

If you prefer a sheer scarf with a diaphanous and more translucent appearance, just let me know. It will be the same price as the man-made silk one and equally stunning!

If the Spray scarf is a gift, I can send it directly to the recipient gift-wrapped, with a note from you. Only you receive the invoice.

  • Subject Matter: Spray paint cans and Gothic fonton a black background with attention-grabbing with text - SPRAY
  • Created: 2020
  • Inventory Number: 355X2SPRSCF-100
  • Current Location: Los Angeles
  • Collections: JELA ART SCARVES
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