Josephine A. Geiger

Time Up North

  • leaded stained glass
  • 12 x 44.5 x 0.25 in
  • Josephine A. Geiger
  • Sold

The actual landscape will be abstracted to create a rhythm similar to the inspiration images rather than a direct translation. The color palette will flow through the seasons (similar to the image above). Fall, winter, spring, summer will flow across the panels as the sky changes from a dramatic evening, sunrise to bright clear skies to an equally dramatic sunset in a gradual transition. {option to continue with the original concept of the seasons flowing across multiple ‘years’ across the 4 panels}
Art glass panels approximately 11-3/4”x 44-5/8” (2 panels) and 11-7/8”x44-1/4” (2 panels).

  • Subject Matter: landscape
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