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Expressive Art Group Sessions

This Expressive Art Group offers you a space where you can safely and creatively explore new ways of self-understanding, self-discovery and gently manage the vastness of your inner world of emotions. Using methods such as free expressive drawing and body focus exercises, allows for you to experience a deeper self-awareness and find a deeper connection within.
Due to the impacts of lockdown and its detrimental effects on people’s mental health, this 2 hour Art Therapy Workshop will hope to bring you a safe space where you can begin the process of emotional healing.
This workshop will be facilitated by an experienced Expressive Therapist with over 20 years working with children and adults both in a clinical and educational setting.
Jessica Luppi is trained in the Australian style of Expressive Therapies, developed by Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson since 1987, which combines many disciplines within the field of Psychotherapy and Emotional Release Counselling (ERC) that is well known and recognised to support the emotional healing of clients.


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