Young Tree on a Bowl (Vessel Composition 45)

  • Kilnformed Glass
  • 5.25 x 10.25 x 10.25 in
  • $550.00
  • Jim Scheller

This thin walled kilnformed glass adaptation of Paul Klee's 1933 painting "Junger Baum (chloranthemum)" is composed with 1mm red glass threads (stringers) for the branches and French vanilla crushed glass (frit) which chemically reacts with the single 3mm thick sheet of dense white glass background to create the delicate blooms.

The pieces are fused overnight in a kiln at 1450 F. Over the next three nights this disk is slumped into consecutive deeper molds. During the last hours of this 12-hour slumping process protective gear is donned every 15 minutes, the kiln is opened and the level of the mold is checked and adjusted by hand. Once cool the vessel is coldworked with diamond disks given a final polish using a flat lap.

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