Jessey Jansen

Reduce Eutrophication

  • Digital Collage
  • Jessey Jansen

Action Step: Portraying the earth as her oyster, the woman arrogantly floats the ark filled with wheat. Suggesting complacency to the dismay surrounding her, she sits selfishly sunbathing and action-less.

Eutrophication (algae bloom) is when excessive nutrients and minerals in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, cause a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen.

There are two possible approaches to reducing eutrophication:
1. Reduce the source of nutrients (e.g. by phosphate stripping at sewage treatment works, reducing fertilizer inputs, introducing buffer strips of vegetation adjacent to water bodies to trap eroding soil particles).

2. Reduce the availability of nutrients currently in the system (e.g. by removing plant material, removing enriched sediments, chemical treatment of water).

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