Jessey Jansen

Todays American dream is discovered by hard-wiring (networking) as well as bootstrapping. Hard-work along with a strategy that includes learning to negotiate new environments is essential to radically change one's lot in life.

The composition characterizes two ladders suggesting upward social mobility. The first bends with transparent curves representing the ideals of the nation in understanding there is always more to be done; the other is rigid and opaque, suggesting historical lessons rather than modern strategy. The intertwining rungs of the ladder pay homage to our countries history that has been built on principles that transcend their time. The child is the symbol of hope and individual identity.

The Civil Sphere series investigates nuances and patterns of our civil societies. I capture sources of light at a very slow shutter speed to create the background image for the composition and then layer vector graphics to create rich storytelling.

  • Subject Matter: Civil Sphere
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