Jessey Jansen

Alumni Legacies | Civil Sphere

  • Digital
  • Jessey Jansen

Historically, elite Ivy League universities were the grooming grounds for American leaders. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed in Congress, universities embarked on unprecedented institutional reforms aimed at building more diverse student bodies to uphold the founding principles of our nation. This composition illustrates the influence each new generation bestows on our nations continued pursuit in allowing all people to flourish.

My original light art aspires to capture the emotional realities experienced when traveling, from the anxiety of arrival to the calm of familiarity, I find the camera is my best tool in grasping the fleeting experience but lasting emotion of exploring new territory and having my worldview challenged. My process includes capturing sources of light at a very slow shutter speed to create the background image for the composition. I next layer vector graphics to create rich storytelling of the nuances of our civil societies. 

  • Subject Matter: Civil Sphere
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