Holly Friesen

Beyond the Edge of the Forest

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 81 x 70 in
    (205.74 x 177.8 cm)
  • Holly Friesen
  • Sold

Collection: Autumn x

An exploration of edges and boundaries, where does the painting end and the forest begin? Is the forest within and without? A raw edged canvas reveals the edges of the painting and exposes evidence of the human hand at work. Is the Wilderness alive and well and reflecting your own wild beauty or has it become hidden and contained within a safe framework? This painting is meant to invite the viewer to enter it's life size dimensions and explore the piece experientially.

There is a 1" x 3" baguette of wood attached to the top with eye screws for hanging the artwork as is.
The raw edges extend the painting into the room and allow their energy to spill out into the space around it. I want the viewer to experience the painting as an expansive invitation to enter the painting with their own heart.

The painting can be stretched and/or framed if so desired. The artwork can be easily rolled as an in expensive way to ship.

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