Helen R Klebesadel

Social Patterns: ReVision I & II, diptych

  • Watercolor on Paper
  • 60 x 80 in
    (152.4 x 203.2 cm)
  • $16,000.00
  • Helen R Klebesadel
  • Available

This very large original watercolor is from my series entitled “Social Patterns” that considers the social patterns women must re-examined to consciously define our lives and roles in contemporary culture in a way that expects equity for our efforts.

This particular work is called "Social Patterns: Sustenance." It is about how we contribute to sustaining a culture that does not value us or our efforts with equity in relation to men and by social class. It is a diptych image that also asks why so many of us feel the need to juggle everything ourselves without help. In half of the print a woman is juggling many diverse things. She is keeping her eyes on the sharp objects while juggling as fast as she can. She doesn't seem to notice that as she juggles an ivy vine is growing up around her and tattooing her body while rooting her to the ground. She also doesn't notice that everything that she drops takes root and starts to grow as soon as it hits the ground. Also, look carefully and you will see other figures off in the distance,also juggling too much, also alone. I painted this right before I stood for and was granted tenure as an art professor in a small university.

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