Helen Fraser

Squaring the Circle; Rejuvenate the Soil

  • Thread, New and Vintage Cotton Fabric, Cotton Batting, Button, Wood Panel, Fabric Glue
  • 33 x 33 cm
  • Helen Fraser
  • Sold

This work is created using applique and surface stitchery and framed in a Tasmanian Oak box frame by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers. I was inspired to zoom into the landscape and play with the ideas of the circle in the square. Carl Jung believed that the circle in the square represented transformation and enlightenment. This particular work was created in the studio not long after I couldn't sleep one night. I was planning to create paintings for this show but my unconscious wouldn't let me. I couldn't rest this particular night until I realised that I needed to stay with textiles and drawings. The vision of these embroideries came to me that night and then once I pursued this idea they came out very quickly. I named this one Rejuvenate the Soil because I was thinking about the importance of soil quality for drought prevention. That increasing the carbon in soil could also prevent dust storms and fires into our future as recommended in regenerative agriculture.

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