Helen Fraser

Land Parcel 3

  • Thread, Vintage and New Fabric, Cotton Batting, Aida Cloth
  • 11 x 11 x 0.5 cm
  • Helen Fraser
  • Gifted

This small double sided embroidery combines intricate bluework embroidery with patchwork and running stitch using new and vintage fabrics. It is one of a set of 11 embroideries that fit snugly into a wooden box with an embroidered top. Each square represents a land parcel that is 640 acres square as found in the Jefferson Grid in the mid-west USA. President Thomas Jefferson created a way that land on the plains could be surveyed from afar with paper and pencil. From the air, this creates an incredible quilt like man made pattern on the landscape. Combined with the circles of pivot irrigation, it is an incredible sight. In this work I am exploring the way that people impose order on the natural environment, often with catastrophic effect. The back of this square work has several circles in running stitch and a small piece of fabric with an embroidered cross in the middle referencing the pivot irrigation systems and Dr Carl Jung's theory of squaring the circle, where the circle represents unity and the square the four elements. Together, they could represent wholeness. This can be found when we allow our true nature to be shown or allow nature to run it's course without imposition.

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