Gina M

Melancholy Waters Lie

  • assemblage, found objects
  • 108 x 96 x 24 in
    (274.32 x 243.84 x 60.96 cm)
  • Gina M and Kristine Augustyn
  • Sold

"Melancholy Waters Lie" illustrates the wistful, nostalgic relationship with our past, highlighting what we remember, or what we choose to remember, and charts a course to new, yet unknown shores.

Gina and Kristine transformed found objects into a whimsical oversized toy boat with sails unfurled. A crescent moon wrapped in tissue, a rusty wagon, found nautical objects, and acrylic paint on paper morph, the way a child's pillow fort morphs, into a dreamboat of possibilities. The bright blue abstract sail creates a playful backdrop for the two artists childhood photographs that float among quotes from “The City in the Sea,” by Edgar Allan Poe.

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