Erotica Geometrica #01

I am originally from the south of France and I studied visual arts for 5 years in Montpellier at the university, then at l’École des Beaux Arts and finally in a private school where I achieved a graphic communication and design degree. This background provided me different and complementary artistic approaches : academic, experimental and technical. I also familiarised with different media and mixed techniques: photography, computer arts, painting, sculptures and it gave me a very good knowledge and understanding of art history.
After I obtained my degree, I moved to Canada for 12 years where I started to build my graphic design career as well as a solid experience as a visual artist on the side via a large numbers of exhibitions and other art related activities and collaborations. I then moved back to Europe/Germany (Berlin) for 5 years and I am now living in Sydney since 3.5 years with a recent permanent residency, still very active in these fields.

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