Kelcie Bryant-Duguid is a visual artist with a multi-disciplinary practice that is materials based. Themes of identity, the environment, place and belonging form her personal narrative.

Kelcie paints instinctively. Her encaustic mixed media works are a reference point for what she is experiencing in her life. She strives to capture the emotion of the moment revealing the light and dark of mood and an every changing reality seeking to find the joy in the every day. Her abstracted works are expressive and free. She uses the elements of colour, texture and mark making to create movement and evoke emotion. Stitched elements are often incorporated in her work and symbolise connections and conversation. Layers are excavated to expose what lies beneath. The rich textured layers beckon you to touch. While her work is deeply personal, there is a familiarity and common experience depicted that she embraces and shares.

Kelcie has exhibited in solo exhibitions in local and interstate galleries and her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions. Her work is represented in private collections throughout Australia. As an educator and facilitator, she has coordinated installations and public art projects with councils and schools in addition to teaching adult education classes.

Most recently her encaustic work has been selected in exhibitions including Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Hunter’s Hill Art Prize, Camden Art Prize. She exhibits with a number of textile artist groups with her work widely exhibited in significant contemporary textile exhibitions and prizes.

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