Fulton County Public Art Program

Songbirds of Georgia

  • Casein paint on wood (3 panels)
  • 24 in
    (60.96 cm)
  • Tim Hunter

Tim Hunter, like many members of Hapeville Neighborhood Senior Center, is a bird lover. Seeing birds as symbolic of the human and cosmic spirit, he writes that these winged creatures “…are both a joy and a mystery to us.” Decorative and educational, this colorful mural depicts thirty-eight birds found in Georgia, including warblers, vireos, sparrows, orioles, buntings, a mockingbird, a blue jay, a cardinal, a catbird, a robin, a hummingbird and even an owl. Some of the birds are common to this area, while others may only be seen from time to time by the careful observer. A complete list of the birds – singing and other favorites — accompanies this label.

  • Subject Matter: Birds
  • Created: 2004
  • Inventory Number: PA.2004.1
  • Current Location: Hapeville Neighborhood Senior Center - 527 King Arnold Street Hapeville, GA 30354 (google map)
  • Collections: Public Art Commissions
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