Fulton County Public Art Program

Ribbons and Pipelines for Ocee

Collection: Public Art Commissions x

Knapp’s site-specific installations of painted sculptural forms animate a playful, uplifting and positive motion within the library’s architecture. In the abstract imagery and textured surfaces of her work, one can imagine three-dimensional brush strokes, threading and undulating along the upper walls of the clerestories and suspended in front of the central window. The ribbon and pipe forms and their colorful palette suggest rhythmic sequences, weaving in and out of one another to extend a visual narrative throughout the interior of the library’s spaces. The artist writes: “As words connect and become sentences, and sentences develop into stories, the joining of abstract forms, textures and colors creates relationships that can be ‘read’ as a visual poem.” The changing day light and the resulting cast shadows add another dynamic visual dimension to the works.

  • Subject Matter: abstract
  • Created: 2004
  • Inventory Number: PA.2004.2
  • Current Location: Robert E. Fulton Library @ Ocee - 5090 Abbotts Bridge Rd Johns Creek, GA 30005 (google map)
  • Collections: Public Art Commissions
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