Fulton County Public Art Program

Beneath the Ogirishi Tree: The Journey Projects at Wolf Creek Library

Artist: Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier x

Beneath the Ogirishi Tree is a multi-part commission; a large sculptural tree with benches and four multimedia works located throughout the library.

The 18-foot high tree honors a sacred tree in Nigeria, West Africa, considered to be a protector and a symbol of peace. The multimedia works were inspired by West African textile-based soft sculptures and costumes used in the Egungun masquerades; ceremonies to honor ancestors. The works contain images and mementos of ancestors and family histories of community members. Photographs of ancestors were transferred onto fabric and quilted together. These tapestries were created in collaboration with community members and produced during a series of artist-organized “sewing circles.”

Marshall-Linnemeier researched Wolf Creek and South Fulton historical records, conducted oral history interviews, and gathered photographs, stories and mementos from the community.

  • Subject Matter: tree with photographs and tapestry
  • Created: 2014
  • Inventory Number: PA.2014.1
  • Current Location: Wolf Creek Branch - 3100 Enon Rd, Atlanta, GA 30331 (google map)
  • Collections: Public Art Commissions
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