Rocks In My Head Panel #2

  • encaustic wax, thread
  • 37 x 25 x 6 in
  • Fisher Carla

Encaustic wax panel that is #2 of 5 that can work individually as an abstract work or as part of a two or more (up to five) panel mural. The base is a birchwood frame layered with beeswax, damar resin, and pigments. Rocks are recycled packing materials, avocado shells, and leechee nut shells. Water is rayon embroidery thread and pieces of packing materials. Moss and water "foam" are rayon embroidery thread. Texturizing pieces embedded in wax are salvaged Keurig coffee filters dyed with natural dyes. Distinguishing feature is that water flows from midsection of panel to lower right side but does not flow completely to edge of panel. Grey slate rocks feature prominently in the mid-upper center of the panel. White foam dominates the mid-right panel. Panel rocks and water flow pair with panel 1 on the left side of the panel.

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