• Wood, Pigment
  • 10 x 9 in
  • Baule

Origin: Central Ivory Coast
Circa: 20th Century
10 x 9 inches
Medium: Wood, dark patina, metal studs
Mbolo (Nda)
A double faced archetypal Baule mask, both faces of general long, oval forms with modest delineated coiffures, arched brows, long medial ridges that form triangular noses beneath circular mouths and short finials beneath the chins. Yaure influence is obvious in the saw-tooth framed faces.
Rarer than the single face mask, the double mask portrays twins. Twins, whether identical (depicted here) or fraternal, are believed to be good luck and to share a soul.
Although often created for celebratory purpose, Baule face masks depicting beautiful women (or heroic men), well- promote Baule concepts of ideal beauty and values. Very good condition.
dark pigmented finish that shows signs of handling,

  • Subject Matter: African: Mask
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