The Rainbow Connection

  • Materials: Concrete and wire base with silver metallic enamel. Assorted fabric color swatches. Poly-fil
  • 13.5 x 13 x 7 in
  • $777.00
  • April Garcia

In 2018 I decided I was going to make a rainbow soft sculpture. I grew up in the ’80s and have always loved everything rainbow and the song rainbow connection. It’s a song I loved experiencing in the Muppet Movie and later as a teenager listening to various punk rock covers of the song. The materials I use are a variety of colors and textures of fabrics I’ve collected over time. My fabrics can come from a number of sources. Sometimes I find vintage fabrics at thrift stores and I repurpose the clothing. I have donations from the community that adds to my fabric collection. And if I really need to, I will go to the fabric store for certain colors or textures. I do enjoy repurposing fabrics as much as possible. In this soft sculpture piece, much like a lot of my soft sculpture work, I create a soft round shape with fabric and I multiply and connect the shapes until I am satisfied and achieve the overall shape I am working towards. The base is concrete with a wire set in it. This sculpture is one of my earlier pieces when I started making my concrete bases, and has some dings in the concrete base, but it’s a solid soft sculpture. Just need to be careful not to slam concrete base.

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