• Pen on paper (paper info: Whatman 280g)
  • 15.4 x 10.6 in
    (39.12 x 26.92 cm)
  • $900.00
  • Dalo (Darae Kim)

For this group show's art, I inspired from one of Coldplay's songs .
While I plan this art, I think about 'What is the music for me?' a lot.
I realize the most beautiful and powerful thing with music (to me) is music always comforts me, even I had bad day or emotions.
Music doesn't force me to be happy or good, it allows me to accept myself as I am sad or depressed.
It makes me accept all my various emotions and really appreciate them.

So I wanted to express this aspect of Music. This time, I experienced the acceptance of emotions with the song .
Music melts my unnecessary thoughts and helps me to comfortably exist with the emotions I feel at that moment.
I feel rich and true peace in space of inspiration created by music.
Since this song gave a big hint in organizing these thoughts, so I decided the title .

  • Framed: 18.1 x 13.4 in
  • Created: 2021
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