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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels: boots

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Several winters ago, my son had come home from college in Boston. He was going to be home for a month and I was wondering what we could do that could be fun for all of us. The bourbon trail in Kentucky seemed to be a perfect family outing. I found the history behind the distilleries to be so fascinating and one of true American heritage. At times, its seems like we don't respect our past enough and we are at the risk of losing some of our culture and traditions along the way.

We explored seven distilleries, but I really loved the tour at Woodford Reserve. We were the only ones on our particular tour and it was given by a retired chemistry teacher who really made the experience more interesting. The property where Woodford Reserve is located in such a beautiful setting with sprawling acreage dotted with historic stone structures. I particularly loved the rickhouses and the aging process of the bourbon, which included the rotation of barrels. And no matter where I go, I can usually find patterns. These barrels stacked in rows, regardless of how basic they appeared, seemed to create a nice rustic pattern. The boots seemed to be the perfect canvas.

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels: boots
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