Emily Gartner

The Historic Alhambra Theatre: chair

  • Mixed Media
  • Emily Gartner

The Alhambra Theatre was my first muse when I moved back to my hometown of Evansville, Indiana after being gone for 24 years. And the best part, it was in my neighborhood. A lovely Moorish style structure over 100 years old. I even became a board member for a few years.

Prior to photographing historic and cultural landmarks, I was crafting album cover handbags but I was more than ready for a change. This was my very first venture into creating new artwork. I decided on a very Warhol-esque pattern layout of the facade for the fabric. And for whatever reason, people seemed to really love that style with its bright colors. But they already loved the building itself.

I did numerous versions of this pattern. And this unique 1930's sewing chair with the pull out drawer was the perfect chair to recover with the custom fabric and repaint. It sold immediately to a library in Washington D. C. I have tried to find that same style chair for years since, but to no avail. It was much more rare than I realized.

A few years ago I was honored to receive the Alhambra Theatre's 'Filmanthropist Award' for my love and dedication to this building and its purpose. I also designed the Alhambra Theatre's Film Festival poster that same year.

  • Subject Matter: Furniture Design
The Historic Alhambra Theatre: chair
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