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Olympic Gold 'Ode to Lily King': swimsuit

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Evansville, Indiana is proud to claim Lily King as one of its own. She won two gold medals in the 2016 summer Olympics for her 100 meter breaststroke and the women's 4 X 100 m medley relay. And it just so happened, prior to that, I had made a trip to Bloomington, Indiana and photographed an interesting metal panel on the back of the Hyatt Place garage downtown. One panel featured the triangular white and red pattern which to me clearly represented IU's colors, but when mixed with a navy blue band down the side seams of the swimsuit, it represented the USA. Hence, the perfect nod to 'our' Lily King in this Olympic swimsuit. (As much as I wanted her to have one of these swimsuits, NCAA regulations do not allow gifting to athletes.)

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Olympic Gold 'Ode to Lily King': swimsuit
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