You're not alone

  • Ink and acrylic
  • 36 x 36 x 0.75 in
  • $1,800.00
  • Dionne White

36” x 36” Acrylic on Canvas
Fine art frame - Wooden float frame. Finished in a antique gold front and black sides. Frame is made in America.

50% of the proceeds of this work will go to AFSP - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

"You're not alone" mixed media on canvas. Acrylic and ink. 36" x 36" on gallery wrapped canvas. Sealed with two coats of varnish for protection.

I wanted to create an ethereal feel with this piece displaying sympathy and compassion as well as the need for community.

The two flowers are supporting each other in different ways. Although individually needing or giving different things. As I explained in my art talk regarding this piece, I said that I have been on both sides of the painting. I have been the one who has held others up as well as been the one who has needed to be held up. I have been the one to weep for self as well as the one who has wept for others. Life is not perfect and there will always be choices and challenges but the beauty is that together we can help, love and support each other with understanding. The segments of the petals have been "broken" or seperated giving them a unique look. The beauty is that those areas are mended and "healed" bringing wholeness and vibrancy of life again with a purpose to live. With the message and technique of Kintsugi applied in a painting fashion, I hope that this pieces speaks hope and life in through community. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This piece was created in honor of Suicide Prevention (AFSP and Clemson University Event) and Mental Health Awareness. I collaborated with Campus Organizations "You're not alone" "Tigers Together", "It's on Us" to name a few to bring this painting to life and was honored to be a guest speaker. Sharing my journey with mental health and the hope that there is for others to live a well life. As well as how art had a positive impact on my journey to recovering my mental and emotional health and how it still plays a part in my current wellness today.

Please consider collecting this piece. It is for a great and much needed cause.

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