Remnants - Kintsugi Whelk (2 of 3)

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 4 x 4 x 1.5 in
  • $65.00
  • Dionne White

"Like seashells, we start out as delicate ornate beings that God has created..."
Dionne White excerpt from my Handled with care poem 2005

Coastal Impression Small Works Series
"Remnants" Collection (3)
"Kintsugi Whelk" Is an abstract 3D acrylic on canvas with fine gold acrylic. I incorporated beach remnants found on the Atlantic shores of South Carolina to create a tangible piece of art to allow the viewer to experience the beach in fine art style. This original creation is 1 of 3 in the Remnant Collection. Meant to be kept together to display as a trio.

I Incorporated the art of Kintsugi - "mending" this whelk in a faux fashion but with the intentional meaning of healing. The surface cracks are traced and filled with fine metallic gold paint. The now "mended" whelk has found its place on a solid foundation and is able to stand out in the crowd, crowned in gold!

The story behind "Remnants" Collection
As I was walking the beach of Pawleys Island in SC, September of 2018, I came upon a few pieces of coral, flimsy, broken, and stranded on land. I myself felt, flimsy, broken, and somewhat "stranded" in my heart. You see I was at the beach by myself for a week doing some soul searching and healing. I was grieving the sudden loss of my mom and I had some questions...

So when I found these remnants on the beach, I identified with them. But I was the one picking them up, thinking of them as a treasure and that they had a purpose. Which gave me hope of the One that picks me up, tucks me away as His treasure and then carries me, mends me and sets me back on my way with the purpose He has for me.

Some seasons of life require us to walk alone, face reality and to dig deep. It is in these places of question, darkness, and despair that we must plant ourselves to reach up and branch out in trust. Trusting that we too will be picked up and set back on a solid rock because the world is full of shifting sand uncertainties.

Original Art and Design by Dionne White

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