• Ink On Paper
  • $45.00
  • Dionne White

Coastal Impressions Small Works Series
"Becoming" is the second of two oyster shells in this series. It is an abstract creation done in ink with fine gold acrylic on paper.

The gold threads of paint "map" out an awkward journey of becoming. It starts out with an idea of design but unexpected valleys, desserts and wildernesses cause the "path" of it to meander. Some areas going deep, some wide, but still "becoming". It is in those seasons of void and wandering it must still stay committed to the original design. The wandering leads it to a resting place. Content and at peace with what it has become. Whole and unique in its own way, whole and unique-the way it was intended to be!

Incorporating the art of Kintsugi. The gold is a map of the journey this piece took to "become". Imperfectly Perfect!
Framed in a 4"x6" dry brushed gold mdf frame

Original art and design by Dionne White

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