• Oil On Canvas
  • $2,500.00
  • Debi Slowey-Raguso

Artists sometimes need to tell the story so that no one ever forgets. As a New Yorker at the time of the World Trade Center Tragedy, it was 2 years later that exploration of the subject could be considered. This was due to the strongest emotions that I had ever felt up until the time. The usual studio paintings scale had been increasing to large canvases, mostly over 5 feet. With 911 a reversal occurred with a 24” x 20” canvas, followed by miniatures of 5”x7”.

The great thing about a long career is the ability to separate ones self with time. In 2011 years after this small painting I wanted to do my largest painting to date and the small canvas and the reason it was small came to mind. It is a re exploration of the subject which historically is a painting practice.

The subjects are the 2 towers smoke filled and people running down that main stairway. The smoke and water show people not falling from the building but rising up as emblematic souls. Central is a Pieta representing how religions came together as all people joined as one human family in this sadness. As one working technique, the Pieta was first sculpted to work from. The Christ figure is a particular fallen fireman; a brother of a friend of mine. The priest is a Jesuit Father Judd. Both died saving others.

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