Dave Martsolf

Cadmium Surprise

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 16 x 20 x 1 in
    (40.64 x 50.8 x 2.54 cm)
  • $700.00
  • Dave Martsolf
  • Available

Collection: Smaller Recent Abstracts x

After sitting aside for several months unfinished I finally decided to take a 40-year old tube of cadmium orange that had hardened at the cap end, but was still soft in the middle and slice open the middle with a razor blade. I squeezed out a pile of thick orange paint, took a palette knife and generously applied it in dabs here and there across the underlying dried colors. To highlight the orange I took an equally old tube of cadmium yellow that was still soft throughout the tube, squeezed out a smaller amount and dabbed that color here and there on the upper left corner of some of the orange marks.

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