Portrait of Racket II (Clumber Spaniel) and Nell (English Pointer)

On reverse-paper label mounted to stretcher bars. Inscription: "The Clumber Spaniel Rackett II without Except…(missing)..of the best bitches in England was born in Sept 1870 by Dash out of my Racket I. She was a splendid retriever and the best ..(missing) ...dog ever shoot to. I shot with her and a pointer Phyllis for eleven on..(missing)..and scarcely lost a wounded bird or hare. She bred many splendid..(missing). She had to be destroyed in Sept 1881 aged 11 yr's from ... (missing) & being quite worn out. The pointer bitch in the back ground Nell was our bitch of Mr. McKensy (sic) bitch-Hatly Park in Sept 76'. She was a good bitch & I sold her to Mrs. Herbert Lopham when I had shot with her two seasons. She died a few weeks after I sold her of the Yello(sic). BSMisse (sp?)

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