Cooprider Family Collection

"Der Müde Alte" CDL13 (Lithograph 133 of 195)

In honor of DIEGO's 100th Anniversary Stephen Max, DVP (Diego Voci Project) Producer presented a new collection for your viewing: ARTIST_OF_A_THOUSAND_FACES_by_Stephen_Max

Don’t miss opening the doors to the grand experience of internationally collected artist Antonio Diego Voci (1920-1985) by clicking here: Diego_Voci_Project

Read Coop Cooprider's biography about DIEGO (Diego Voci Historian since 1974) on Wikipedia: Antonio_Diego_Voci

Take a virtual tour by Stephen Max, Diego Voci Project Producer, who created an amazing 20 year “Diego Voci (1920 – 1985) Retrospective” in an ultra modern Museum watch Museum_Tour

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