Claire Jones

Picture in my Mind

  • iPhone camera, various apps and Gimp for editing
  • 30 x 30 in
  • Claire Jones

~~~SpreadingLoveSpreadingLight~~~“Picture in my mind”
There is a
Picture in my mind
Of the place
I would love
To be
Of tall majestic
Cotton-balls of
Against a
Backdrop of
Azure skies
And looking way
Below and beyond
Blankets of green
Brown and yellow
Of hills
Lakes and rivers
All scattered at my
Away from destruction
Away from masquerades
There is a place
I’d love to be
A place
Of peace and
A place where
I can be free
And just be Me-

By Clarity~~~

  • Subject Matter: Abstract, nature, beauty, Buddhism, Buddhist, Spiritual, Calm, Love, Peace, abstract expressionism, abstract, photo manipulation, photography, Healing, Mindfulness, Presence
  • Created: July 2018
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