Christine Rasmussen

The Glow (it wasn't from a phone), Parts I, II, & III

  • Oil on canvas (on panel)
  • 72 x 144 x 1.5 in
  • Christine Rasmussen

"The Glow (it wasn't from a phone), Parts I, II, & III" is a triptych depicting an urban landscape with each panel representing a different time of day from a gray rainy morning, to a blue-sky afternoon, to a fiery sunset.

The scene is based on a real location in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, where my studio is located, but the corrugated metal fence is a universal building material that reminds me of many of the cities I've lived in around the globe. In fact, the fence running through the pieces is the element that ties the three panels together.

The floating fabric in the middle panel is my symbol for the human presence.

The title is about finding a feeling in the everyday moment - perhaps of peace or breath or grounding, even a glow? - through paying attention to your surroundings, rather than being sucked into the constant distraction and hubbub of digital devices. Experiencing life via observation to keep us present in the here and now.

The phrase comes from a line in the song, “The Glow" by the electronic pop duo, Sylvan Esso:
“Oh, I remember the glow
It wasn’t from a phone
And I knew I wasn’t alone”

  • Subject Matter: Urban landscape
  • Created: 2019
  • Collections: The Glow
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