Edge, 3, Verso by Barbara Houston  Image: Artist's chop in lower right corner
Artist's chop in lower right corner

Edge, 3, Verso

  • Acrylic, archival inks + graphite on Belgian linen
  • 38 x 32 x 1.25 in
    (96.52 x 81.28 x 3.18 cm)
  • Barbara Houston
  • Available

Integral to Houston’s work is the landscape of people, place, community and belonging. It emerges in the marks, pigment and the raw material. The ‘Verso’ group captures places in and around Bonavista and Newfoundland. Each work invites the viewer to look closely and draw on their own memories to establish ‘place’. Captured first in small studies, sketches and drawings, the canvas is edited and painted firstly in the reverse. Once the reverse layers are established, the linen is removed and restretched in the direct orientation. A second painting is done on the front canvas enhancing the layers and pigments that were initially created. The outcome is an ethereal, dream like haze of very familiar landmarks.

‘Verso’ series is a group of paintings on raw Belgian linen with acrylic, archival inks + Japanese graphite.

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